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 Sulfur Dioxide

Gas Name: Sulfur Dioxide           Chemical Formula: SO2           Synonyms: Sulfurous Acid Anhydride, E220

Product Uses/Sources/Applications

Sulfur dioxide is a gas which is used in a number of applications including:

  • Preservative – particularly for dried fruits
  • Anti-microbial and antioxidant in winemaking 
  • Bleaching agent for paper and textiles
  • Neutralizing agent for chlorine in water and waste water facilities
  • Until the development of HFCs and CFCs, supfur dioxide was used extensively as a refrigerant, particularly in home refrigerators


     Short Term (15-minute STEL*)
     Long-term (8-hr TWA*)
5 ppm
3 ppm
     Lower Explosive Limit (LEL n/a

NIOSH Pocket Guide                                                                             Click here for link                     

Physical Properties

Appearance and Odour Colorless gas with an irritating, pungent odor
Relative density (air = 1.0) 2.263

Armstrong Monitoring Recommends

Sensor Type: Electrochemical Diffusion Type
Standard range: 0-10 or ppm
Standard trip points: 3 ppm, 5 ppm
Recommended sensor mounting height: 12 – 18 inches AFF.

* The exposure limits referenced are based on various listings including those of the Ontario Minitstry of Labour and the US National Institute of Occupational Safety Health (NIOSH). Please refer to your local regulations for the limits in your area.


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