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Brewing and Bottling

Carbon dioxide (CO2)is a byproduct of the fermentation process, as well as being used in carbonation. Carbon dioxide leaks could result in over exposure to employees, as well as possible product damage.

Ammonia   and other refrigerants are commonly monitored to detect for leaks in chillers and refrigeration systems. For more detailed information regarding refrigeration gas detection please see our refrigeration application page.

Warehouse forklifts powered by propane or liquefied natural gas present a two-fold hazard, in that leaks of these products can prove catastrophic because of their explosive nature and, toxic carbon monoxide   is an exhaust byproduct of these machines and if not properly ventilated, it can prove deadly. Nitrogen dioxide is often monitored in areas where diesel trucks are present, like loading docks.  

Forklifts powered by electricity may also prove hazardous due to the highly explosive hydrogen given off when batteries are recharging.  For more information, see our battery room application.

Equipment Recommendations

For lighter duty applications the AMC-310  provides simple, wall-mount sensing with available options including concentration display and integral alarm relay. If you require a more rugged sensing option the AMC-360-IREP-CO2  includes a standard explosion-proof enclosure, as well as a wide variety of available ranges.




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