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Sensors & Transmitters
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AMC-DTR Non-Intrusive Digital Transmitter

AMC-SIR Infrared Refrigerant Sensor/Transmitter

AMC VersaTox Series Toxic Gas Sensor/Transmitter

AMC-400 Series Digital Vehicle Exhaust Sensor

AMC-210 Series Electrochemical Sensor/Transmitter

AMC-310 Infrared Carbon Dioxide Sensor/Tansmitter

AMC-1220 Series Sensor Module

AMC-1222 Combination CO/NO2 Sensor Module

AMC-340 Series Solid State Sensor/Transmitter

AMC-360 Series Catalytic Combustible Sensor/Transmitter

AMC-360-IREP Infrared Sensor/Transmitter

AMC-3701 Series Solid State Sensor/Transmitter


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